Dear Students and Friends of John,

John-RedRockJohn Livingston suffered a major stroke in April 2013. His recovery has been an extended process. Owing to loss of cognitive function and at least temporary speech impairment, he has chosen to retire. Those visiting him in Sedona will be given a warm greeting and you will see that he remembers who you are. At the same time, with his limited speech and at least temporary loss of computer skills, he has been unable to freely communicate.

The stroke was three lesions in the left hemisphere of his brain, producing a large bruise that occluded most of that area of his brain. This is the area in our brain where reasoning skills and logic reside, as well as our language skills and much of our motor skills. Certainly those motor skills governing the right side of the body.

As a result, John was severely paralyzed on the right side and unable to talk, although he retained his ability to convey thoughts and ideas to some extent, through body and facial gestures. And some latent telepathy! He has lost a good deal of function in terms of numbers and logic. And things which were once easy for him, such as remembering his passwords and how to type on the computer are at least temporarily lost. Other than having his Facebook messages read to him occasionally, he has not remained “hooked in” electronically.

On the amazing side, with the help of some outstanding therapists, he regained the ability to walk with the use of a cane. And he has developed muscle tone in his right arm, although he continues without control of the muscles. Thanks to an amazing “Post-stroke Bootcamp” at a local rehab center, he has regained the correct use of simple words like “Yes”, “No” and “OK”. As with all of us, his progress and recovery is a work in process.

I remain incredibly grateful to the wonderful people who have cared for him over the past year. He is currently home-bound, requiring 24/7 care. And back and forth between there and a care center. As those of us who are close to him begin to accept this new version of John, we become delighted with his daily adventures into learning how to walk and talk and participate again. Please join me in wishing him love and blessings, and sending Reiki to him often!

For those of you able to contribute financially, I and his other family members thank you sincerely. John had limited funds set aside and was nowhere near prepared for his sudden and comprehensive retirement. There is a page on this site that will allow you to make a one-time or ongoing “Angel Contribution” to help John with his care costs. Deep thanks to those who are able to contribute financially. Also a big “Thank You!” to the many people who contribute regularly to John’s Facebook page! Your contributions are much loved.

To help continue his work and support the amazing community that John and his fellow teachers and practitioners helped develop, there is a page dedicated to other resources and practitioners. This is a continuation of John’s healing and teaching legacy. I hope all those who feel called to will contact us to be added to the list. And those of you needing a resource, whether for healing work or to find a teacher, please take a look at the Resources page to find someone to help you.

My personal sense of loss, not being able to ask my dad all those weird questions I used to ask him, and not hearing him tell me about the geologic history of the nearby rock formations, is immense. For so long, he was one of the few people in the world that I could talk with about some of the more esoteric issues in my life. My appreciation of him has deepened over the years. I’m sure for many of you who knew him, also, there is a deeply felt sense of loss. Please take the time to post to his Facebook page — he so enjoys hearing peoples’ messages.

Angel Blessings & Reiki Flowing,
Michele Livingston

P.S. John is now part of a healing circle, as of August 2015.  You can contact them through their website at www.RenewingPeace.com.  Be sure to fill out their Intake form or Contact form if you would like information about the work they are doing.